We are all saddened by the untimely death of our friend, Wayne Gilman.  Wayne helped us with advice for our safety video on Farm Tractors and by introducing us to some very fine young people, members of the FFA.  Recently we were honored when Wayne agreed to be interviewed for our video on the importance of the Family Farm.  He strongly believed that the Family Farm has always played a key role in shaping young people’s ability to do quality work, to excel in learning, to make right and honorable decisions, and to develop a value system that would guide them for the rest of their lives.  He believed that the Family Farm prepared their young men and women to become leaders in life.

He lived for the opportunity to help young people excel in all aspects of their lives.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington State, Randy Dorn, said it best, “Our dear friend, Wayne was Agriculture Science Program Supervisor at OSPI for eight years, joining us July 1, 2004.  He was a strong and steady voice for Ag., for FFA in Washington and Montana, and for all students.  He was an advocate for education that went beyond the classroom and involved students in every aspect of the agriculture world, literally from the ground up.  His heart was for preparing students to be leaders in life, and he connected to and inspired multiple generations through his teaching and leadership.

“Before coming to OSPI, Wayne was an Agriculture Education teacher in Arlington, WA, and Dillon, MT.  He was a leader in the National Association for Career and Technical Education and the Montana Association for Career and Technical Education.  He was an educator, an agricultural scientist, and a farmer.”

We will miss you, Wayne – We honor you for your positive impact on the lives of thousands of our Washington and Montana State young people.

America’s Farm Family

Roy & Mike Williams

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Landon Macy’s profile

As our narrator, Rex Allen Jr. said, we must save our nation’s family farms.  Our nation needs leaders with the quality of life values that Landon Macy learned from his parents growing up on the family farm.  We also need the quality food produced on the family farm.  Please support your local farmer’s market.

We’d also appreciated it if you would share this page with your friends and acquaintances.

If you know of outstanding young people – like Landon – growing up on a family farm,  please send us their names and addresses.  We don’t want to sell them anything or have them join some organization.  We would like to produce more profiles on outstanding young people who grew up on a family farm.  We’re not trying to build a large organization.  We’re just a father and his son – wanting to remind our nation of the importance of the family farm to our nation’s survival.

We are looking for sponsors – if you know of one or more who might be interested in helping us produce more of these programs, let us know.

Now, please enjoy our production of America, The Beautiful (just a couple posts below.)  The pictures and music are cleared in both the ‘Farm Family story’ and ‘America, The Beautiful’ for any non-commercial/non-broadcast use.  Use it in your home, church, business or club.  Make copies and give them away, but don’t sell them.  We also have these videos on DVD (Standard Definition) or Blu-ray (High Definition.)  For a DVD, the price is $9.50 (incl shipping.)  For a Blu-ray, the price is $14.50 (incl shipping and licensing fees.)  At the moment we can only accept checks, please make them payable to Son Made Productions, LLC.

Thank You,

Roy & Mike Williams
America’s Farm Family
a division of Son Made Productions, LLC
26721 Bristol Court,  Kent, Washington 98032

America’s Farm Families produce Quality Food & Quality Children.  America needs both.

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A Teaser – Perfect For Sharing

Here is just a short teaser of the final video… perfect for sharing.


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For your viewing pleasure…

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The Work Goes On…

We are still going.  It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been busy working other projects to make some money just to survive and now I have some time between jobs.  The script to introduce AFF and our first profile of Landon Macy is for the most part finished.  I thought I would post the open title sequence just to give all of you a look at how it’s going together.  Hope you like it.


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Vet + Dairy = ?

Today we’re following Landon, who is following a large animal vet. On the list of duties for the day is pregnancy checking a herd of dairy cows. For those of you who are asking – YES, it does smell that bad!!! And there is no need to watch where you’re walking because there is no safe place to step.


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One more day to go

Just one more day of filming left for the profile on Landon. We’ll be shooting tomorrow with the large animal vet and with Landon’s own herd of cattle.

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Dairy Cow Troubles

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It’s been a busy week!!!

Had a truly wonderful few days of filming with Landon this week. He is the perfect subject for our “mini-doc” profiles. There was nothing he wouldn’t try when asked.

Tuesday I spent a few hours with him at the Vet Hospital where he works part time. Even though they weren’t busy that day, he kept himself occupied by doing the not so glamorous chores of cleaning out kennels and “walking” a couple dogs.

Wednesday started early for the drive to WSU (Washington State University). Half way there we received notice that the instructor with the Beef Herd was only available if we arrived before 1:30, so we picked up the driving pace and made it with 15 minutes to spare. We were able to get some great footage of Landon bringing in the cows from pasture and feeding them. With most of the afternoon available to us, we proceeded to the campus to film Landons first interview. In the evening we made it out to the Dairy in time to help feed the calves as well as bringing in the herd for the evening milking. It was a very good day of filming.

Thursday was a leisurely start. Picked up Landon at 9:00… scouted the best shoot location before meeting the the WSU Vet School PR man at 9:30… then set up and shot an interview with the Dean of the WSU Vet School at 10:00. He did a great job and we were lucky to get him on camera.

Now it’s Friday and I have to transfer all the footage shot this week. I’ll see if I can get a short little sample of something funny up for folks to see.

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Which one is Landon?

Quick, can anybody guess which one is Landon?


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